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Free Wi-Fi is a perfect value-add
*Affordable business connectivity solutions

The Perfect Value-add

Offering free Wi-Fi to your customers is a perfect value-add to your business solution!

With BizHotSpot, give your customers the Wi-Fi experience they deserve.

Combine this with the Wi-Fi Analytics Tool and track insightful customer information, and utilise the tool’s marketing capabilities to ensure your customers are aware of your latest offerings.

Responsive design with easy navigation

Your login page will be visually optimized for responsive display. Getting connected is quick and simple which improves the overall user experience journey.

Control branding & unlock features

Our Wi-Fi Hotspot client portal gives you the ability to manage your Wi-Fi login page branding, Wi-Fi login options and overall look and feel.

Wi-Fi analytics & campaigning ability to customers

Take advantage of many custom branding features and unlock powerful Wi-Fi analytical data which can be. Used for campaigning.

Wi-Fi Analytics & Campaigning

Customer engagement via email and SMS campaigning

Build digital relationships, reward loyal visitors, promote new events and products through email or SMS.

Insightful user demographics and analytics

Who are your customers? See names, contact information, customer frequency and demographics (customers accepting Ts and Cs – POPPI ACT).

Wi-Fi Hotspot network status and support

Have visibility over Wi-Fi Hotspot network status, get technical support and view reports on usage, customer numbers and popular times.


Branded Theme & Ad Banners

Manage user registration fields

Network monitoring

Account billing

Manage terms and conditions

Generate & monitor user tokens

Manage users

Create & manage user vouchers

Visitor Dashboard, Extract Heading Data & Campaigns

Total visitors and by what percentage this has increased or decreased over the months selected.
Known visitors, the returning visitors and by what percentage this has increased or decreased over the months selected.
Names & Contact information.
Gender Ratio
Average Age


Export venue details.
Incident tickets.
Network uptime.
Management reports for venue.
Known visitors.
Session details.
Revenue share / commissions report.

Hotspot Configuration

Name displayed on landing page:
Changes the name of the venue on the landing page.
Free access type:
Free access to bandwidth or time.
Free access allocation:
Amount of free access in minutes or MB.
Enable / disable tokens:
When user needs to supply a token to make use of the service.
Enable / disable user registration:
The user needs to supply their details before making use of the service.
Redirect URL after login:
Take the user to your website / facebook page.
Config status:
Shows if changes are approve or still in review.

BizHotSpot – Our Offering

R 2299
Installation: R500


Managed Services

Campaigning Tool

Customer Portal

Account Management

Firewall Services

Back of House SSid’s (Uber, etc)

Traffic Prioritization (Banking / VoIP)

Gateway Monitoring and Management

Network and Internet Provisioning

Add on
Add on

Add on
Digital Sign

Add on

* All prices exclude 15% VAT. Month-to-Month packages. Terms and Conditions apply.

* WCF: Web Content Filtering.

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